Saturday, June 4, 2011

King For A Day

For my old friend Kevin P. Keelan, poet, visionary, critic, and wise fool. Long may you wave.

You can read some of his vast output here.

"Well, I finally found someone to turn me upside down
And nail my feet up where my head should be
If they had a 'King of Fools,' then I could wear that crown
And you can all die laughing because I'll wear it proudly"

-Elvis Costello

Introducing a new family member: Baggie Bags, world traveler and committed environmentalist

Meet Baggie. She's ArrghPtoo's best friend and moral compass. When Baggie gets weary of sailing from tree limb to urban lamp post, and wants to stretch her handles, why Good old Mr. Ptoo wraps his Baggie around those meaty arms of his and together they go swinging through the renewed decreptitude of the Meat Market District or spend an afternoon above it all tripping the new High Line.