Sunday, June 19, 2011

If you ask me, I'm the luckiest dad.

The Top Ten Reasons I Love My Dad
Drawing and Words by Lily age 9 (with a little editing and graphic enhancement by Dad):

1. He keeps me safe if there's danger.
2. He makes my bed when I'm at school.
3. He likes to be funny by singing songs and replacing most of the words with "kitty," "meow," "cats," and "cat food."
4. He's good at making me laugh.
5. He will eat just about anything.
6. His favorite hobby is drawing on any piece of paper he sees.
7. He only gets mad at me when I spill Xacto Blades and when I explode something in the microwave.
8. He helps me with my homework and social problems.
9. He likes to watch "Glee" on TV.
10. He reads to me at bedtime.


  1. OMG, Stuart! This is the best post EVER! My favorite part is her getting trouble for spilling X-Acto blades? NO. I take that back. You helping her with social problems!

    Tell Lily Vance that her dad rocks. We love the pictures, too!

  2. Thanks, Doc! I'll tell her you say so and perhaps she'll even believe it!

  3. What a beautiful list. And what a wonderful Dad:)

  4. Thank you, Karen. She's a wonderful kid!