Friday, May 20, 2011


The other day I saw a crow attacking a Red-tailed Hawk in the blue sky right above my house and my heart skipped a beat at the beauty and incongruity of those two birds together in the same air space.

Even though I like crows a lot and I always welcome them when they visit my trees and lawn, I felt a surge of indignity at the injustice of this remarkable hawk being harassed and harangued.

Then I realized that the crow was no doubt protecting it's young chicks nesting in the nearby trees from this very effective predator and my sympathies quickly switched sides.

An instant later I thought of the hawk's hatchlings and how they themselves were probably hungrily waiting for a meal of delicious crow.

Finally, I just let the two birds and the bright blue sky behind them burn into my retinas to be remembered later as a lesson about how difficult it is to pick sides in that kind of conflict.

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